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Services & Methodology.
Based on our distinct blend of experience, Collegiate Consulting specializes in projects relating to Academic Program Analysis, Budgeting & Finance, and Enrollment Management. While our backgrounds may be rooted across those particular areas, an appreciation for using data to troubleshoot problems is what has brought us together. If you have a unique problem, we're more than happy to help you build a scope and only then determine if we have the data and expertise required to partner with you in drawing conclusions.

Regardless the nature of your problem, our team of experts will approach each new problem with our methodology of 1) defining the scope, 2) researching your problem thoroughly, 3) sharing our analytical findings, and 4) providing our strategic takeaways. Learn more below about how our methodology can be applied to solve problems across distinct departments. 

Customized Projects

& Finance

Academic Program Analysis

Enrollment Management


Enrollment Management serves as the main lifeline for many colleges and universities. Whether an institution seeks to conduct a comprehensive enrollment funnel assessment or solve a more targeted issue, Collegiate Consulting has you covered across these key strategic management problems...

Retention Study Process Map

1 | Scope

How has the test-optional admission policy impacted retention, and what additional criteria can we use to identify successful candidates within underperforming segments?

2 | Discovery

Analyze individual and multi-factor correlations across the last three cohorts to identify the most significant factors or combination of factors influencing retention.

3 | Findings

Students from under-performing high schools in urban areas who have opted-out of submitting a test score have been shown to have the highest retention liability.

4 | Takeaways

Incorporate high school quality index to admission and scholarship decisions to identify better prepared students. Collaborate with student life to facilitate smoother transitions for students from urban areas.

Pricing & Inquiries.
While competitive, our pricing will vary project to project based on the scope of the project and complexity of the institution.

To facilitate learning more, we would be honored to set up a free initial conversation to gain insight into the problem(s) you are trying to solve. In turn, after initial conversations take place, we will outline your scope and provide detailed project pricing.

Move one step closer to a solution that meets your needs by filling out the accompanying inquiry form.

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Our commitment to provide data-driven institutional planning support provides colleges and universities with the critical insights needed to make strategic decisions with confidence.
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