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The Collegiate Group exists to shepherd families through the various stages of the college selection process with the sole purpose of helping students to discover and realize the best environment to continue their education.

Maximize Your Investment. As higher education costs continue to rise, selecting a college has now become one of the largest investments a person will make in their lifetime.  This reality has dramatically increased the importance of finding the right college fit personally, academically, and financially to ensure a student maximizes their potential. 

Superior Customer Service and Insight. The Collegiate Group strives to provide superior customer service and insight, listening to a family’s objectives and using data and personal experience to guide each student’s search. Once we, together, discover the factors driving each individual search and use those to narrow a student's college list, The Collegiate Group will also provide personal guidance in navigating the application process, essay writing, interviews, scholarships, financial aid, and the decision process.

Data-Driven Approach. Our customized college search tool, Portico, has been carefully designed to assist students in narrowing their college search. Powered by advanced algorithms that score impactful search factors rather than eliminate school's with similar traits, our business intelligence generated compatibility tool will produce a comprehensive list of institutions tailored to a student's search criteria and academic background. This unique tool allows candidates to appropriately weight college search factors, which in turn allows Portico to focus on fit while avoiding omissions, before categorizing compatible institutions into one of three categories (Safety, Target and Aspirational) based on the student's academic background.

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Brian is the founder and president of The Collegiate Group. After graduating from Coe College in 2005 with a Bachelors of Arts in Computer Science and English, Brian has dedicated his career to higher education, having advised thousands of families throughout the various stages of their college search.


Previously, Brian has served as the Assistant Director of Admissions & Operations at Coe College (IA), the Senior Associate Director of Admission at Creighton University (NE) and Director of Admission at the College of William & Mary (VA).  With experience in a small liberal arts school, a midsized comprehensive university, and a "Public Ivy," Brian has developed keen insights into what colleges and universities look for in applicants and how important fit can be in a student's overall success.

Brian Nigg
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