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Digital Platform

Portico has been designed as a digital solution to assist students and families wishing to navigate their own college planning process.

Roadmap. Uncertain how and when to begin your college search? Portico's roadmap provides a pathway and timeline to aid students in tracking their progress towards a college decision. Our interactive College Planning Checklist monitors progress to ensure students are prepared to meet application, scholarship, financial aid and decision deadlines. 

Tools. Portico Search has been carefully designed to assist students in narrowing their college search. Powered by advanced algorithms that score rather than funnel impactful search factors, our business intelligence generated compatibility tool will produce a comprehensive list of institutions tailored to a student's search criteria and academic background. This unique tool allows candidates to appropriately weight college search factors, which in turn allows Portico to focus on fit while avoiding omissions, before categorizing compatible institutions into one of three categories (Safety, Target and Aspirational) based on the student's academic background.

Portico ROI assists families in understanding their investment. Using net price by income bracket along with retention and four-year graduation rates, Portico ROI calculates an expected total cost as the base investment. The tool will then also look at median early career salaries by school and major to calculate out early career earnings allowing families to compare expected early career ROIs as they navigate the search and decision processes.

Videos & Conferencing. Portico strives to provide superior customer service and insight. In addition to a library of videos assisting students in completing roadmap modules, The Collegiate Group will also provide personal 1-to-1 video conferencing guidance for Portico users offering students and their families to connect with an enrollment expert to provide additional guidance as requested. 

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