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Running Start
From selecting classes to choosing activities and building a resume, micro decisions made as a freshman or sophomore can have significant impact in the college admission process.

Our running start learning modules help early high school students get the jumpstart they need!
Standardized Tests
Whether you are trying to determine if you should submit your test scores to test optional institutions or are looking for tips to improve your scores, we'll be your go to for all things testing.

Our Standardized Tests learning modules help sophomores-seniors navigate the ACT and SAT !
College Search
Looking for your dream school? Our College Search learning modules and tools address the primary factors that could and in some cases should play a role in your search.

Once you're an expert on college search criteria you'll be set to put the knowledge to the test with Portico Search!
Application Prep
Once you've settled on where you'll be applying, turn your attention to the application process.

Our Application Prep learning modules will help students set a schedule to meet deadlines and navigate building a resume, writing an essay, and preparing for an interview.
Scholarships & Financial Aid
From free money to financing, better understand the sometimes cryptic process of financial aid awarding.

After you learn the basics, Portico ROI helps to compare financial offers from institution to institution and calculate expected return on investments to guide decision making.
Decision Day
You've made it! Decision day is both an exciting and nerve-wracking day as you determine the start to your future.

Our Decision Day module encourages students to get the most out of admitted student day programs and aids last minute comparisons before your moment arrives!

Learning Modules

Portico's library of learning modules guide students and their parents from the onset of the college planning process through decision day! Our six catalogs of learning modules (Running Start, Standardized Tests, College Search, Application Prep, Scholarship & Financial Aid, and Decision Day) provide content through a combination of video content, info-bytes, and interactive tools.

Portico launched in April 2023 and continues to add learning modules each month. Select one of our six catalogs of learning modules below to see which modules are currently available and when additional modules are scheduled to be released. 


Running Start.png
College Planning Checklist & Timeline (Spring 2024)
Selecting High School Classes (Winter 2024)
Building Your Resume (Summer 2023)
Idea Journal (Fall 2023)
Discovering Majors & Career Paths (Fall 2024)
Applications 101 (Summer 2023)
The Common Application (Summer 2023)
Recommendations (Fall 2023)
Interviews (Fall 2023)
Making Sense of "Test Optional" (Winter 2024)
ACT Prep (Fall 2024)
SAT Prep (Fall 2024)
The Art of Researching "Fit" (Spring 2023)
Top 25! (Summer 2024)
Make The Most of College Visits (Spring 2023)
Final Application List (Summer 2024)
Scholarship Opportunities (Winter 2024)
The FAFSA & CSS Profile (Spring 2024)
Financial Aid Packages 101 (Spring 2024)
Financing Your Investent (Spring 2024)
Admitted Student Visits (Summer 2024)
Final Comparisons (Fall 2024)
Our commitment to provide world-class college planning support assures families access to complete and accurate information to use as the basis for selecting a college.
Learning Catalogs
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