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General Consultations

Seeking additional support and guidance along your college planning journey? Schedule time with one of our Independent Education Consultants to discuss the best approach for all of your college planning needs.

Whether you are looking for support in narrowing your scope, brainstorming ideas for your uniquely you essay, or negotiating during the scholarship appeal process at your dream school we want to help you put your best foot forward.

General consultations can be scheduled in 25 and 50 minutes increments. If you'd like confirmation that a general consultation will meet your needs, reach out to us with your prior to booking!

25-Minute Consultation - $75
50-Minute Consultation - $150

Essay Consultations

Whether you're applying to aspirant schools, where you're likely to face a competitive admission process, or for a full-tuition scholarship, getting your college essay just right can help to put you over the top.

Our team of Independent Educational Consultants happily offers the opportunity to provide one final review prior to submission or guidance throughout the writing process, from brainstorming to completion.

Each essay consultation kicks off with an initial consultation to share our process. From there, each draft receives written comments and will be followed by a 25-minute consultation to ensure successful implementation.

One-Time Review - $399
Unlimited Review - $999


Supplementing our learning modules and interactive tools, Portico's team of Independent Educational Consultants offer a variety of service packages from individual consultations to group workshops.

If you feel stuck in the planning process, want to discuss whether or not to submit test scores to specific institutions, or are having difficulties discerning the differences amongst financial packages, we would be happy to provide our support with the consultation or workshop that best suits your needs. 


Running Start.png
College Planning Checklist & Timeline (Spring 2024)
Selecting High School Classes (Winter 2024)
Building Your Resume (Summer 2023)
Idea Journal (Fall 2023)
Discovering Majors & Career Paths (Fall 2024)
Applications 101 (Summer 2023)
The Common Application (Summer 2023)
Recommendations (Fall 2023)
Interviews (Fall 2023)
Making Sense of "Test Optional" (Winter 2024)
ACT Prep (Fall 2024)
SAT Prep (Fall 2024)
The Art of Researching "Fit" (Spring 2023)
Top 25! (Summer 2024)
Make The Most of College Visits (Spring 2023)
Final Application List (Summer 2024)
Scholarship Opportunities (Winter 2024)
The FAFSA & CSS Profile (Spring 2024)
Financial Aid Packages 101 (Spring 2024)
Financing Your Investent (Spring 2024)
Admitted Student Visits (Summer 2024)
Final Comparisons (Fall 2024)

Group Workshops

Many would argue that writing is a social activity. Our College Essay Group Workshop puts that experiment to the test. Lead by Portico Founder & CEO, our virtual five-week college essay crash course covers each of Portico's Five Tenets, taking a student from the start of their college essay writing journey to a finished product in five weeks.

The College Essay Group Workshop meets once a week over five weeks for an hour each session. Between each session participants will post homework assignments and receive comments and support from their peers and instructor for immediate feedback and growth.

New Offering - East Asia College Essay WorkshopClass begins on September 12, 2023. Learn more today!

College Essay Group Workshop - $999

Our commitment to provide world-class college planning support assures families access to complete and accurate information to use as the basis for selecting a college.
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