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Select Your College with Confidence.

College has grown into one of the largest investments you'll make in your lifetime. Get the guidance you need to maximize your returns.

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College Planning Checklist & Timeline (Spring 2024)
Selecting High School Classes (Winter 2024)
Building Your Resume (Summer 2023)
Idea Journal (Fall 2023)
Discovering Majors & Career Paths (Fall 2024)
Applications 101 (Summer 2023)
The Common Application (Summer 2023)
Recommendations (Fall 2023)
Interviews (Fall 2023)
Making Sense of "Test Optional" (Winter 2024)
ACT Prep (Fall 2024)
SAT Prep (Fall 2024)
The Art of Researching "Fit" (Spring 2023)
Top 25! (Summer 2024)
Make The Most of College Visits (Spring 2023)
Final Application List (Summer 2024)
Scholarship Opportunities (Winter 2024)
The FAFSA & CSS Profile (Spring 2024)
Financial Aid Packages 101 (Spring 2024)
Financing Your Investent (Spring 2024)
Admitted Student Visits (Summer 2024)
Final Comparisons (Fall 2024)

"Retention and Four-Year Graduation Rate are two of the most significant factors in boosting a students return on investment. Our mission is to assure you find and enroll in the right college the first time, saving you money and enriching your college experience."
Brian Nigg, Founder & CEO

Learning Modules

Our learning modules help students navigate various elements of the college search process, including high school class selection, narrowing the scope of candidates, crafting your college essay, and understanding expected ROI.

Interactive Tools

Portico Search & Portico ROI help students identify the schools that most closely meet their priorities and better understand the variance in expected early career return on investment amongst their top candidates.

Consultations & Workshops

Our team of Independent Educational Consultants offer consultations and group workshops on a variety of topics including Crafting your Essay, Interview Prep 101, and Navigating Financial Aid.

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Our commitment to provide world-class college planning support assures families access to complete and accurate information to use as the basis for selecting a college.
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